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Guest Lecture: "The Wayback" with Tom Moon from NPR

** This event will be held in Borough Hall Auditorium - 242 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield NJ 08033, 2nd Floor **

Those who love music are curious about it forwards and backwards. There are plenty of reputable sites dedicated to identifying and reviewing consequential new releases, yet there isn’t a parallel journalistic endeavor aimed at coverage of the vast catalog offerings. That’s odd because this is a growing area – see the explosion of demand for vinyl, and the increased emphasis on older music at the streaming services. Paradoxically, consumers might have access to everything, but they don’t currently get much insight about what to search for, where to listen next. Compounding the problem is the fact that there’s very little context provided to the streaming consumer – search for an album and up it comes, in many cases without even the most basic information about who created it and when, and no mention of what was going on around it at the time it was made. Tom Moon will talk about his new project, a feature aims to serve as a kind of tour guide, offering listeners/readers perspective in a format that encourages direct engagement with the music and (hopefully) inspires curiosity about what else might be out there. He'll bring 4-5 recordings to focus on and take some Q&A!

Monday, January 14, 2019
7:00pm - 8:45pm
Classroom - Lecture
  Library Program for Adults  
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Eric Zino

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