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Apocryphal Shakespeare Company of Haddonfield performance of The Spanish Tragedie

The Spanish Tragedie
Scholars have long agreed that the anonymously published play The Spanish Tragedie was originally written by Thomas Kyd. It is now acclaimed as Kyd’s masterpiece and is recognized for establishing the genre of Revenge Tragedy in Elizabethan theater. Shakespeare would eventually use it as the model for his greatest work – Hamlet.

It is amazing to discover how many echoes of The Spanish Tragedy call through to us in Hamlet. Some examples include a) Hieronimo’s doubt concerning the identity of the murderer and desire for more proof thus delaying his revenge; b) Hieronimo’s lapses between feigned and real madness; c) Izabella’s eventual descent into madness; d) the presence of a revenge seeking ghost; e) a metatheatrical play-within-the-play; and f) the de rigueur death of all the major characters by the play’s conclusion.

How does it qualify for The Apocryphal Shakespeare Company? It was so popular with the public that it remained in the repertory of many Early Modern companies including The Globe. In successive remountings these companies would announce “new and improved” versions to draw a bigger crowd. It is now widely believed that Shakespeare had a hand in one or more of these rewrites.
All of the foregoing make it a perfect candidate for production by The Apocryphal Shakespeare Company. As the Elizabethans would say, we hope you will come out and hear our play.

Sunday, October 14, 2018
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Classroom - Lecture
  Library Program for Adults  
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Eric Zino

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